Hi, I’m Paolo!

Sicily is my island, beyond there is a World!

Beyond My Island is my first travel blog. I’m very excited to start this new adventure.

Since I started travelling, I wished to create a blog, for many causes, and finally, here I am. I’d like to tell you about my journeys around the world or behind the corner. I want to inspire people and show them the beauty of our planet.

I always felt part of a bigger world than the one bounded between house and job. Animals, forests and freedom are my passions. These are the reasons of my travels.

I have hundreds of voyage ideas filling my mind, but two of them are my dreams: Amazon and Central Africa. I’d like to meet indigenous tribes, admire wild animals and breathe the air of our ancestors. But I need to finish my speciality training before realising these dreams, in the meantime, I will write about the other stops I’ll have around the world.

How you can easily imagine, English is not my primary language. I choose to write in English to reach as many travellers as possible around the world. I hope you can forgive me for my simple expressions and my restricted vocabulary.


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I always dreamed about Tasmania. From when I was a child, I desired to visit this land. Finally, my dream became a reality, not just once but twice. I was still at the airport coming back in Melbourne from Sydney when I booked the first ticket to Tasmania.


Australia is so big, and there are so many things to see, that a five days trip is never enough here. Because I didn’t have too many days off, I took a flight ticket for Sydney. This distance was the shortest and most affordable.