About me


Here I am, the first page, first words to tell you something about me. I’m excited.

Something about me

My name is Paolo, and I’m travel addict (It looks like an introduction during a meeting among ex-alcoholics).

I always dreamed to visit every hidden corner of the world, exploring different cultures, taking part of different lifestyles. I was never too comfortable in my house.

My beginning

I started to travel very soon. Fortunately, my parents have always been open mind in a period (the late ’80s, early ‘90s) during which few people used to take a plane and move around the world, also for economic reasons but often just because it was not a usual thing to do. I was four years old when, from the southern part of Italy (Sicily island), we went to Austria for the first time. At that age, it seemed another planet to my eyes. I used to live in a small Sicilian country town, with three thousand inhabitants, where the coldest temperature during winter is 10º C for not more than a couple of weeks. I hadn’t ever seen the snow. Therefore I was happy and proud to live such experience.

Probably my passion started at that time. We used to travel once or twice every year, often in Austria to ski, but also in Malta, Spain, France and around Italy.

I still remember that the night before every departure, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep a minute.

Every trip was a perfect opportunity to learn something.

loved not just these long journeys, but also the little adventures with my best friend camping everywhere, in the bush behind our town, or on the top of the mountain in front of our houses; those experiences taught me small but fundamental survival skills.

…by myself

At 19 years old, I left my little town in Sicily to move in Rome and study Medicine first and Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care later.

It was time to live by myself, to take my responsibilities, to explore and travel without my parents’ experience or my friend’s support, and it was fantastic.

My studies took me very busy, leaving me short periods of time to travel, but I have done trips, short or long, every time I could.

These made me happy: very simple journeys, usually around Europe, very safe places except for the ones in Kenya and Tunis; coming back at home always left strange sensations inside me, a kind of unhappiness for being back again, in the routine of my studies and my job.

A big change

Finally, in 2015, during my speciality training, after some intense personal experiences, I took a decision.

I wanted to change something, make my life different. I decided to continue my speciality training in Australia, 16000 km away from home.

This experience would have offered me the opportunity to grow. I desired to learn English, change lifestyle, see different places, know a different culture; but of course, I didn’t want to leave my studies.

After years of saving money without a specific plan, finally, I had a project. It took one-year to make all the documents for the tiring Australian visa and everything else I needed to work there. I planned for months, and finally, the evening of my birthday, I said goodbye to my family and my friends. I knew I wouldn’t see them for more than one year and I left.

The anxiety was evident; I was scared for this new experience, completely alone and speaking a bad English. I arrived in Australia and slept for almost one-week couch surfing. This week allowed me to meet my first Australian friend, and one of the best.

When I found a house, after a long stressing research, I was delighted.

This happiness lasted less than a couple of months when thieves broke into my house and stole my computer and my camera.

Everything was on that machine: essential documents, contacts and every photo of my life (guys, always make a backup of your computer, I didn’t, and I regretted it a lot).

I was not sad for the PC or the camera, but for what was in them. I had many records, and it was at that moment that I decided to change myself. At that time, I didn’t enjoy the present; I was too busy thinking about the future. I chose to live every second of my life, to enjoy experiences, every panorama and person.

What kind of traveller am I?

I love nature, animals and wild places. I never pay to see animals in captivity. Therefore I don’t visit zoo, circus or similar.

Indigenous cultures, ancient tribes and traditions are strong passions.

I love camping, and enjoying a place alone, thinking in silent, admiring the sunset and the natural world. These things make me feel free, happy and full of life.

I’m a budget traveller. When I visit a city, I usually book a hostel. I care more about meeting new friends than sleeping in a hotel room with a queen size bed, but alone. Of course, some trip requires a better sleep, circumstances can change, but I try to find always a social place. I learnt marvellous stories and heard unusual experiences from travellers from all over the world, and I hardly renounce at this.


I dream some great journeys, and I hope to be still writing these pages when I will realise these dreams. These are Amazon forest and Central Africa. Waiting for them, I will write about the other travels I will do, hopefully exciting for both of us.