Last evening in Melbourne

This evening is my last in Melbourne. Actually, it’s not the real last one, but tomorrow will be different. There will be a party in friend’s house so that I will live it unconventionally.


But tonight is my last night in the city. It’s my last night around, enjoying Melburnian life, unknown people, tram passing, voice, music, colours, bars, strange dress style, funny drunk guys, relaxed air, happiness, different lifestyle.

Strange feelings

I’m realising I feel really at home. I’m living the same strange emotion I had when I left Italy to come here. Rationally it should be different. I will go back in a place that I know and not in a far mysterious city where I would have been alone. Instead, here I felt never alone, or at least I learnt very well how to manage some loneliness moment, at the point that now I enjoy it. Often, people can’t understand how I can enjoy so much solo beers. They get surprised when I answer “alone” to their question “who were you with?”.

Sitting in a bar, drinking a Belgian beer (because unfortunately, the Australian beers are not so good like the Belgians), I’m remembering all the great moments, the beautiful people, the fantastic experiences I lived in Melbourne. One and half year are not a short period. It’s true especially 16000 km from home, from family and friends and from everything I thought it was undeniable. Instead, they weren’t. I don’t want to say I’m not a family attached Italian anymore. I can’t hide the powerful link with my family, few but essential friends and my land, but the world has a lot to offer.


There are so many people to meet, so many cultures to discover, so many landscapes to look at, so many nature to admire, so many things to learn that I can’t stay still. There will be a day, probably, when I will desire to stop. But at the moment I see my future around the world. I want to live. I want to experience other unforgettable moments like the ones that Melbourne offered me.

The countdown is almost ending. I will go to bed with a big sadness to leave this place, but extremely happy to have enjoyed the best experience of my life.

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